Doggie doings in Jalón

July 27
Hi. If any of your readers have noticed the likeness of the (generally) brown deposits all over the road that runs beside the river bed in Jalon/Lliber to dog shit, I can confirm that you are not mistaken; it is indeed dog shit.
Heaps and heaps of it, in lumps and chunks and drizzles, all over the place. This would be on the charming, unmade road that leads to the ‘zona de escalada’ of the big, red cliff face, which then goes on round the corner, following the river, all the way to where it joins the Lliber/Gata road a mile or two further on.
It is one of the most delightful places to cycle, hike, stroll with the family, or if you prefer, just to admire the dog shit. If this stuff really is your thing, I can recommend no place where you will find more of it. It is in the centre of the road, to either side of the road, and if you are one of the many young, vigorous cyclists who use the area, you need not fear to miss out as it is also to be found in quantity off the road.
I walk dogs there every morning, and like most dogs, mine have things that they must do. But, a neat trick, dog people, is to use a plastic bag to scoop the stuff up and carry it away. It may seem a shame to deprive other folk of the chance to view the muck, or tread in it, but it´s cleaner and healthier and more hygienic to keep it to yourselves. It’s easily done. If I can do it, anyone can.
It makes me ashamed to be seen with dogs, not a nice feeling. True, there are a few dogs that roam without their owners, but they are very few. This stuff is the output of dozens and dozens of dogs over many months. It is horrible.
The few people that live on that road must wade through the filth that is left by their gates, every time they leave their houses. Disgusting. I don’t know of an alternative to plastic bags for picking this stuff up, if anyone knows of one, let me know.
Plastic too is a curse but in the short term it’s better than dog shit.
Come on dog people, don’t shame us all, pick it up.
Mike Creese

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