Dirty street in Los Altos


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May 19


We live in Calle Lagunas de Ruidera in Los Altos and the area around the bins is opposite our house and causes immense nuisance.

People dump all sorts of rubbish on the street and we get broken glass bottles, kitchen rubbish, trees and leaves onto our property with the wind.

We have complained to the council in Orihuela Costa but the situation gets worse. I would like to express my disgust on behalf of ourself and my neighbours as the street gets more and more into a rotting state.

Can you at the Costa News initiate an activity so that the council and police will check the area more often please. Also the containers are used by some commercial trucks to dump construction or gardening rubbish and use up all the space in the bin for local residents. This should definitely be forbidden and be charged to them.

Alfons Dhein
(Resident opposite the bins at Calle Lagunas de Ruidera)

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