Delays at HMRC in processing double taxation forms

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November 22


I thought your readers might be interested in the current delay at the HMRC in processing Double Taxation forms (DT-Spain) which is currently 10 months.

When you complete the form ‘DT-Spain’ you need to attach your ‘RESIDENCIA FISCAL EN ESPANA, CONVENI’ certificate.

I was informed I could only apply for this once I had paid my first year’s taxes but as we pay them a year in arrears there was an 18 month delay before I could get this. However, I have now completed my HMRC form ‘DT-Spain’ and mailed it to them along with the fiscal certificate. After waiting eight weeks I thought I would contact them to check on progress.

They confirmed they had received the form and they were being processed in strict date order. The expected date for processing my form was given as Sep 21, 2022!

In the meantime I will still be paying tax in Spain and in the UK, although I should get a UK Tax refund eventually.

Fortunately we have enough savings to cover this and we should get a very nice refund eventually. But I suspect many of your readers might not be in such a fortunate position so I would recommend starting the process of Double Taxation relief as soon as possible.

If your legal and tax team have any advice on how we can speed up this process or get some help in Spain it would be appreciated,

Rob Bacon.

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