Credit cards stolen from wallet in Torrevieja hospital


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June 7

Dear Editor,

Before I went for my operation at Torrevieja hospital I had to put all my clothes into a plastic bag which was handed to the hospital police who would keep them till I was back on the ward. After the operation I asked for my clothes back .

Two people returned it to me and a woman was holding my wallet and asked me to check everything was there.

As I was lightly drowsy from my operation I looked in my wallet to see if my TIE, driving licence and medical card were there and I had completely forgot my two banks’ Visa cards, so I said yes, all there .

It wasn’t until I got home that I looked in my wallet again and discovered my two bank cards missing and my barbers’ loyalty card as well .

I have reported it to the hospital but I have not had a reply yet .

I just cannot believe it happened .

Perhaps a warning to others.

Christopher Wright

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