Trash everywhere


September 28, 2016

I live in Spain for about 7 years.
I enjoy the weather, the sea, the campo, the clean air, etc. But what bothers me is the huge amount of trash everywhere.
I just could not accept the sight of it. Instead of complaining about it I started to pick up waste, straws, bottles, all sorts of wrappings, cigarette butts and plastic bags.
So I keep on picking up trash because we have to stop this waste going into sewers finally to end up in the sea.
Fish will eat it, they’ll get sick and eventually stuffed with micro plastics. If we then eat the fish we will have come full circle. We will get sick.
I want to show that it is normal to keep your road bankings and the environment clean.
By picking up trash we become more aware and we take more personal responsibility for our environment.
I collect trash every day. It can easily stretch into one or two hours because it has become my passion.
It is like a meditation. I like to go to sleep with the idea that the area is cleaner than it was in the morning.
I wish I could mobilize more people. I don’t expect others to start picking up trash as well but I hope people will become aware of the problem and at least don’t dump more waste.
It would be nice if you could mention this in your weekly newspaper?
I have a lot of pictures from ‘before’ and ‘after’ the scenery.

Friendly greetings
Marleen Van Ende, the trash rider.


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