‘Two Soldiers’


April 1

Two soldiers saw each other
Their eyes met with alarm
Enemies through circumstance
In peace there’d be no harm
“I’m told I have to shoot you”
Said one raising his gun
“Ditto” said the other man
“But do we just both run?”
“I’m just nineteen and really scared”
“I don’t deserve to die”.
Both soldiers dropped their weapons
And both men began to cry
“We didn’t cause this conflict”
“We only want to live”
“Who cares if we think differently”
“We’ve still got a lot to give”.
The soldiers hugged each other
Just as brothers show their love
They knew their lives were precious
Blessed by God from up above
Each showed a family photo
Of their parents looking proud
And thoughts of home were briefly spent
Beneath the dark war cloud
“What should we do? Desert our posts?”
“What options can we take?”
The soldiers didn’t want to kill
What choices could they make?
They knew that if they ran away
They’d be tried and they’d be shot
Their lives of little meaning
Just two numbers soon forgot
They both picked up their weapons
Both deciding what to do
Their choice , their only option.
“You shoot me and I’ll shoot you”

The End by David Whitney (Torrevieja)

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