Charity not welcome


December 6

Hello Dave
I decided to have a break from restoring classic cars and devote some time to charity. My home-made bird nesting box had resulted in 6 new families so I decided to make 200 more boxes and offer them for free to a deserving organisation where they could be sold for about 10 euros each.
I would need a recipient to back my search for sponsorship (at which I am expert) and found one which had open days and tours which fitted the bill. I emailed them and a lady, when told of my proposal, asked if I could supply some boxes so that they could see if they sold well – (they are free madam!) and, in any event, they did not have space to store them – I have plenty of space; didn´t ask….
Disappointed, I then approached the owner of the charity directly: he said “I don’t know why you contacted me, volunteers are like gold dust”
I gave up, if you do not want a volunteer offering gold not dust, what do you want?
I will not mention the name of the charity but I do wonder if they look every gift horse, that they are offered, in the mouth….
Back to the classic car restoration……


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