Last week we printed a letter entitled ‘An Irish Expat on Brexit’, which due to a typing error appeared without the writers details making it look anonymous. We wish to apologise for this inconvenience. The letter was sent by Dorcha Lee, Colonel (Retd) of Torrevieja, who is a Life Member of the IIEA (Institute of International and European Affairs and who recommends the UK remains in the EU. His letter prompted the following two replies…

April 19, 2016

I normally browse over people’s letters regarding the EU referendum, some have interesting opinions, some don’t. However in last week’s CBN (15-21 April) a letter was published from “An Irish Expat on Brexit”, anon. Unsurprisingly, as most ridiculous mail appears to be sent “anon”.
I started reading and then, by only the 2nd line, I had read enough. I quote “I would like to address all our UK friends currently enjoying the sun, sea, sand and sangria along the Costas”.
Please “anon” whoever you are, do NOT count me as a friend. This ridiculous “adman” phrase “Sun, Sea and Sangria” has absolutely nothing to do with how many thousands of Ex-Pats live.
It is that very phrase churned out time and time again, that lost State Pension Ex-Pats their Winter Fuel Allowance, as it was used by MP’s and of course Ian Duncan Smith, to describe our lives here.
The sun is a natural Mediterranean phenomena, not enjoyed by everyone when it’s bordering on 45º mid-July. The sea around the coast can be very dangerous, it is also dirty and full of jelly fish in many areas. Sangria is a ghastly drink concocted by Spanish bar owners to get rid of their cheapest nastiest wine by pairing it with something sweet and fizzy.
Thousands of Ex-Pats live nowhere near the coast and of course there are those who have moved here to work, and haven’t the time to visit beaches or indeed try and enjoy a glass of sweetened vinegar.
Too many times, Ex-Pats are lumped into one big category, that of lazy, drunken sun worshippers thanks to idiots like “Anon”. So in this instance, keep your Brexit views to yourself, and please do not flatter yourself that the European language will become an Irish accented one should the UK leave the EU. People have been emigrating abroad for decades, this generation didn’t invent the word “Ex-Pats” and whatever the outcome, there will always be British Ex-Pats living all over the world.

A Evans

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  1. A Evans claims the phrase Sun, Sand and Sangria was the reason expats lost the Winter Fuel Allowance. What absolute drivel! With the description of Spain in a searing heat of 45 degrees, a dangerous, dirty sea full of jelly fish with bar owners selling off nasty alcoholic drinks it’s a wonder anyone comes to live here, including Mr/Mrs Evans.


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