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March 30
What an awful experience. Certainly try to report this, although I do notice that some sections of society here have let power go to their heads. In the local supermarket you can be met with a young lady on the checkout who waves her hands at you even though you are holding the first item in readiness & back before the red line, to put it down.
In the pharmacy, I was instructed loudly to approach the counter, place my paper down on the counter & step back.
Actually would have done so. Haven’t been barked at in this way since I joined the Armed Forces as a raw recruit many years ago where I was considered a complete idiot.
There ARE plenty of people I see carrying only a single ‘barra’ in their hands so I do not understand why you had to produce this documentation. In hindsight, perhaps you should have demanded HIS documentation and taken down his squad car number.
As far as I am aware, there is no amount you need to spend for your food as an excuse to shop. This incident is so wrong and as an elderly single foreigner myself can understand why you have queried about living here .Perhaps CBN would investigate this kind of situation because it is very upsetting for us.
Dear readers
Indeed, there is no maximum or minimum amount for purchases stated in the law, and the law does not establish the obligation to prove your purchase with a receipt.
While the vast majority of National Police and Guardia Civil carry out their duty respectfully (despite not being provided with any kind of protection in some cases we must add), we have heard of a few local officers, civil protection people and even private security guards behaving as if they were the SAS.
We recommend you comply with instructions for the time being, but remember there is no such thing as an ‘on-the-spot’ fine. You will receive a ‘notificación de denuncia’ which can be appealed against. You are entitled to demand the officers ID number is noted on it (in case he or she has ‘omitted it’) – and if it is not, the ‘denuncia’ is not valid anyway because only a certified officer of the law (with officer number) can do so.

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  1. , i was stopped by a policeman again yesterday (the same one as before) on my walk to the Mercadona and my bank. He asked me what i was doing, i said im going to do my shopping and the bank….he said , ok, but dont walk any extra or else i will report you, remember the 1st time, i said, no problem i only go 1x to the shop and only every 2nd day. I carried on and did my shopping. The police in the shops and around town are all good, its the ones in the police cars that seem to do whatever pleases them. After my shopping i went to my bank to get some info. I then started walking back home, i crossed the street to go up to the old town..lo and behold, who else but this awful officer came driving again, this time with his even more awful friend. He stopped me again and demanded to see the receipt of my goods, even though he could see i was carrying a whole bag full of toilet rolls!! I found the receip and he started scowling at me..i then told him i also had to go to the bank over the street..he demanded i show proof of that…i took out the receipt , folded it so they couldnt read the info, only the date…he had to accept that, i had to ask for the receipt back,,,(i noticed he had peeped at the whole receipt) anyway he then told me off to your house at once as if i was a small kid..these guys arnt more than about 40…i think….i couldnt believe it they walked after me and started cursing and shouting…i was shocked! the one officer started swearing and said “fuck you”….WHAT!!! police??? ….A lady living in one of the buildings, heard them and started talking to me, i told her how they behaved and bullied me..she was shocked…By that time it looked as if they were a bit afraid and stopped their walk….I walked straight home… shock…this is the 3rd time this same officer has stopped me …there are other people walking around without any shopping but he doesnt stop seems as if he has decided to get me down..but he wont…i will report this to the people in charge at the police when this is over…..these men should not be allowed to be on duty they are a shame for the police here in Villa Joyosa..i.e. if they are from this place, who knows! I now read that i can demand an id next time they stop and i will and also take a phot of them, although i wont forget how they look.


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