Treated rudely by police

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March 30
I live in Villajoyosa and on Thursday I went out to do my shopping walk, I believe we are allowed to go and do our shopping for food. I also live alone. So I had my walk to Mercadona, on my way back with my knapsack on my back I saw some younger patrolling officers and a police car, but I was not afraid cause I had only done what was legal and that was to do my food shopping,
They stopped me and asked me what I was doing, I said I’ve only been to Mercadona and done my shopping,
They said, “No, you must stay in your house”. I said, “Yes, I know but I am allowed to go and buy food!”
He said, ·can I see the receipt·…I got a bit perplexed, but I tried to find it in my sack, at the same time I showed him the food I had bought, I found a receipt but it wasn’t the right one, but an old one of 7 euros.
The man sneered and said, ‘”only 7 euros, which is not allowed”… I said, “I have another one let me find it”…by this time I was pretty upset…but I did find it and gave it to him, it was 15 euros. He scowled and said if I shop I must have a bigger receipt, I am alone, so I don’t buy too much at a time, He then asked for my passport and NIE.
I told him I was a resident and had been since 2004/5. I gave him my passport and I had my NIE number. He refused to take the other receipt of 15 euros and gave both back. He then asked me if I knew the rules I said yes, but one has to go and buy food or else you can starve, he said NO! I said, “How then will I be able to get food”, he just said, “keep in the house or you can be fined 3000 euros!”
He then asked me where I lived, I pointed in the direction as it was just nearby. He asked, “what is the address”, I said,” I don’t know because I’ve only lived there a short time but it is in this street”. He sneered and said, “you’ve lived in Spain so long and here and don’t know your address”, I said, “I have lived in Spain, but not here, only just moved here”.
He then said I was a criminal cause we didn’t obey their law, ‘all foreigners are criminals’ he said…I couldn’t believe it! He then said, “go to your house”, he followed me and asked “what floor do you live on”, I thought that’s none of his business, so I didn’t answer that one. He obviously thought I lived with someone, which I don’t, I got my key and opened the door, he tried to enter the building with me, but I just slammed the door shut and thought that was the rudest most impolite officer or whatever he was, talking to a 72 year old woman like that.
I was very perplexed when I came in and had to phone a friend to shake it all off. This is just crazy. Surely, we are allowed to go and buy our food?
Anyway I will report it and I have given notice to a Norwegian newspaper about the incident as I am Norwegian…..How is this going to end? And is there anybody we can report this to? Hoping for better days. Today I just kept indoors as it’s been raining, but I am a walker and my body gets quite stiff if I don’t have my daily walks but I will survive…I just wonder if some of these young patrolling officers are taking matters into own hands and taking pleasure in being manipulative towards woman especially!
And I must say it’s crazy that the people with dogs can go out cause the dog needs a walk, but they don’t seem to understand how important it is for people also to use there body to stay bodily and mentally fit. They are actually putting people off from wanting to live here with this behaviour….but it’s not so easy for us who have lived here a long time to just move and now we can’t travel…..I will see when all this is over if I want to live here, not sure now.
Mary-Ann Weiby


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