NHS staff without equipment

Hillsborough, Co. Down, N. Ireland
March 30
NHS staff forced into making face masks out of plastic water bottles and 3D printers for protection against the coronavirus when the UK is spending an estimated £31bn to replace the four Trident nuclear submarines. (I don’t know why I’m having flashbacks of Blue Peter and sticky-back plastic.) The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament puts the overall cost at retaining Trident at £205bn over a thirty-year period. I don’t know about you, but how will Trident protect us from any type of calamity whether it’s an economic crash, a global virus pandemic or terrorist attacks in our cities?
I’m struggling to think of any. Yet I can think of many ways that £31bn could keep people safe in the UK by being invested in our NHS, housing, jobs, education, infrastructure, etc. I still can’t think of anything that Trident can protect us from… Still thinking. Images of Peter Purves keep popping into my head.
Louis Shawcross

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