‘Come to Spain’ and be duped


February 9

Dear Editor,
I read Alex Watkins regarding yet another year added on to the way that these purchasers have been treated for deciding to ‘come to Spain’ and enjoy their retirement.
Most of these purchasers were duped into buying these properties by many people.
In my case the only honest person was not at the purchase meeting and that was the surveyor and I was denied access to the initial survey, by a subsidiary of a UK Bank in Spain for six years and only after I had the assistance of the EU. The ‘Tasacíon’ clearly showed that my property was ilegal and new when purchased which was the opposite of which two ‘investigations’ made without me present concluded.
I have all documents and letters from the bank which blatantly lie as during these ‘investigations’ I was without the survey of my property.
The other ‘issue’ is the cost of legalising our properties, surely this should lay with the builder and what I always say ‘if only Spain had building inspectors?’
It is now sixteen years since I purchased my property and I hope that I live to see any result.

Michael Kemp

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