Clapping for carers

March 29
On Thursday March 26, we duly went out on our balcony at 9 o’clock, (8 o’clock English time), and as instructed by the tele, whooped it up and clapped and cheered and banged saucepans for our nurses and everyone else doing their bit to combat Covid-19.
Unfortunately, the Guardia were driving by and had noticed our alarm clanging away.
(Since we’ve been in lockdown we activate the alarm as soon as it gets dark, as any callers after that are likely to be up to no good).
Anyway, we were making so much noise ourselves we didn’t hear the racket from the alarm. We explained that we were cheering for British nurses and health workers. They explained that British nurses are hundreds of miles away so probably wouldn’t hear, so we said actually it was for all nurses everywhere, so they said well let’s hear it for the Spanish nurses then, so off we went again, with them joining in.
Then the phone went. It was a neighbour who said that if we didn’t stop that flaming row he’d call the Guardia.
Chris Hare.

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