Bulldozer on last patch of Punta Prima

Orihuela Costa
November 26
It was with great sadness that I saw bulldozers on the last patch of coastal scrubland at Punta Prima last week.
Were there a shortage of apartments along the coast, then building here would be necessary. As it is, there are many, many apartments available for sale.
I expressed concern to Gomendio workmen and also to a basura collector on the promenade who himself expressed sadness and said there had been much corruption in Spain regarding building permits.
Assuming there is no way of halting this additional ‘blot on the landscape’, is it possible to ensure that Gomendio/TM workmen gather all their basura – including cigarette ends – to prevent any of it blowing into the sea?
We may have to accept pollution of land but there is no need to increase pollution of the Mediterranean as well.
Claire Colton

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