War on dog pee

The new bylaw aims to ensure that owners clean up their dog's mess (Photo: EFE)

BENIDORM dog owners beware, the local council is currently revising their local environmental regulations that could see owners having to carry a bottle with water to squirt after their dog has a pee.
This is not a new idea, two years ago the previous mayor, Agustín Navarro, went so far as to say that the “Brown Brigade”, formed to fine people who didn’t pick up their dogs’ poop, would be handing out free water spray bottles for this purpose, but nothing came of it.

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  1. On our return bus journey to the airport, we all witnessed a male dog walker allowing his dog to deficate on the pavement. We were all shocked he didn’t clean it up, locals around didn’t batter an eye lid…. A law is a law? A rule is a rule? Apparently not in Spain. In our town, we could be stopped at any time by a warden to show we have poo bags available, also fined if we were observed not picking up dog poo. Why would anyone want they’re town , city , country covered in dog muck.???


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