Last week we printed a letter entitled ‘An Irish Expat on Brexit’, which due to a typing error appeared without the writers details making it look anonymous. We wish to apologise for this inconvenience. The letter was sent by Dorcha Lee, Colonel (Retd) of Torrevieja, who is a Life Member of the IIEA (Institute of International and European Affairs and who recommends the UK remains in the EU. His letter prompted the following two replies…

April 17, 2016

I read with interest the communication from ‘An Irish expat on Brexit’ (CBN April 15-21) and the half-truths and downright lies it contained. For a start, the ‘remarkable deal for the UK which addresses most of the areas of concern raised’ is not worth the paper it is written on. It was a bit like Chamberlain coming back from Munich announcing he had ‘negotiated a remarkable deal which addressed the areas of concerned raised’. A United Europe under control of a monstrously corrupt and totally out of control juggernaut based in Brussels led by a bunch of tax-dodging socialist commissars has surely led to the economic disaster that is the Eurozone.
Cameron has always based his ‘Remain’ campaign on a ‘Reformed EU’. We all know, from an out of work Spanish citizen to an ardent Europhile that the EU is totally unreformable. The Brits have a very strange conception of fairness in comparison to their European neighbours. Oddly, they feel that corruption is somehow wrong and should be discouraged. And they see the EU as one enormous legalised Mafia Organisation where, as in Mario Puzo’s novels, the ‘Godfathers’ in Brussels rule we mere ‘soldiers’ whilst manipulating our fate to their advantage. On my part I LOVE Europe but I detest the pseudo dictatorship in Brussels. As far as the Remain campaign is concerned, I’ll refer ‘Irish ex-pat’ to a man I worked with on many occasions, that master of gobbledegook Frank Carson who spouted comedic rubbish but underneath was extremely astute. His mantra was “It’s the way I tell ’em”, in other words, it’s a joke, don’t believe a word of it.

Ian Royle

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