Branded liar


March 3, 2018

Oh, how I wish I could see Tony Blair squirm when accused of being a complete liar. ‘Liar’ should be branded across his forehead. Yes, undeniably a scumbag of the highest level, in my opinion. All the problems over the years are down to Blair and Bush. Why didn’t they keep their noses out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein kept the people in tow. Perhaps not to all people’s liking, but they kept the people in line. Now look what they’ve done? They’ve disrupted Europe, that I fear will never be the same again. It’s time the rotten apples were rounded up, shipped out to an island, and dumped there – along with their families.
I’d like to know why Europe is bothering to try and accommodate them. Too many do-gooders. It’s obvious what they’re like by the crime rates; the pillaging, the rapes, the knife crimes and so on. They don’t want to integrate, they expect everyone to bow down to them and their ways. It’s just not on. What was the old saying? When in Rome… it’ll never happen. Why? Because of Blair and his cronies.
Yes, Blair doesn’t know what truth is – and to think Corbyn hopes to get in power, and probably cause as much havoc… M’mm Labour again!

Linda Garfield

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