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Dear editor,
By the time this letter is published, Anita Bond’s article would be missing for four weeks. This is quite a long time for me and many others, like me, who are keen to turn the pages to Bond’s World to be the first thing they read every week in CBNews. I know many expats in the Costa who are doing this. I, personally, have been keen to read Anita Bond’s articles since I arrived to Spain more than eighteen years ago.
As far as I know, Bond’s World has been in CBNews for more than twenty years and it is a pity to see it has disappeared. May I point out, from my professional point of view, that Anita, in her World, covered a lot of interesting topics. Her articles have been educational and informative as well as entertaining. This is very good for advertising in the face of the creepy ‘freeby’ newspapers that litter the pavements of our towns.
If there are any problems preventing the publishing of Anita’s articles, I hope that these problems will be solved soon and we will see Bond’s World again in your illustrious newspaper.

Best regards from a very concerned reader
Ezzeddin M. Ali
Egyptian journalist

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