Birthday trip to Alicante ends in despair


February 12

It was to be a special celebration for a big birthday. Arrived at the Melia Hotel 12 noon approx., unable to check in until 16.00, so luggage locked away safely.
My husband and I went off to find a place to eat at this point, my bag was never off my knees. We wandered back through the old streets, which were pretty deserted. Came to the busy crossing opposite the Port and the Melia, it was very busy and for a minute we were split up! People being distracted by a chap sitting near the road begging.
We arrived back at the Hotel approximately 14.30, still the room was not ready. At 15.20 we were given the key and when I checked my bag my purse had gone with €1600 and my bank card, I will leave it to you to imagine my horror, my birthday treat ruined.
Please warn your readers to take extra care when visiting this city.

Kind regards
Barbara Liptrott

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