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July 3

Dear Sir,

I would urge you to issue a warning to everyone about using bank cards to purchase items while they are out and about.

On June 23 I paid for my grocery bill in the Benitachell Mercadona using my Sabadell bank card and entering my PIN to complete the purchase.

All I had in my possession was my shopping list, a pen, and, in the pocket of my dress, my bank card. I had no details of my PIN on my person.

Within seconds of paying I realised that my card was missing but by then I was on the travolator down to the car park with a trolley full of shopping.

As soon as I got to the bottom I left the trolley with my husband at the car and ran back up into the store to see if I had somehow dropped my card and it had been found. It seemed, on enquiry, that I had not.

I returned to the car and was ringing my bank to report the loss when I received a message saying that a substantial sum of money had been withdrawn from our joint account. While speaking with an official from the bank a further amount was withdrawn before the account was finally blocked. Further attempts were subsequently made to withdraw amounts, to no effect.

I immediately reported the loss to the local police who referred me to the Guardia Civil who dealt with the matter in a very efficient manner. I felt absolutely nothing when somebody reached into my pocket and withdrew my card and, presumably, met up with the person who had watched me entering my PIN at the till, before they drove up to the ATM at Benitachell to claim their spoils.

Having provisionally refunded my money to my bank account the company dealing with this matter on behalf of my bank have now informed me that they will withdraw any refund as my PIN was entered into the ATM when the money was withdrawn and they are not liable for any loss!

There appears to be an inference that in some way I was responsible for handing out my PIN. Not even my husband knows it!

I would suggest that everyone leaves their bank cards in the safety of their home and pays for everything with cash.

Yours faithfully,
Rosemary Sheppard

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