Appeal from loving dog owner


Daya Nueva
February 19

Our precious little dog has been missing for a few weeks now. He’s about a year old and disappeared one evening from the campo where we live on the outskirts of Daya Nueva. We have put posters out and also we have had many people searching roads and ditches in our local area for all this time.
He never leaves my older dog; they were always joined at the hip (so to speak). He would never go off on his own, never roamed more than 100 yards in either direction from the house. Our neighbours have many dogs, cats, chickens, peacocks etc., all free to roam about, and he played with them all, every day. We are on a country lane cul-de-sac and the only cars are neighbouring farmers. On the night he disappeared, there were a lot of strangers cutting coriander in a field behind me but Moises (his name) was always cautious of strangers so he wouldn’t willingly have left with any of those people.
We also have dog walkers and walkers in the lane behind the fields but again he wouldn’t go with them willingly. Is it possible to put his photograph into your paper? We, my other dog and the neighbours are desperate to find him.

Yours, Teresa

Of course we’re only too happy to help, if you have seen Moises please contact Theresa at

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