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May 22

I have been trying to find a flight back to the UK to visit family and to be honest, I have not noticed it before, but there seems to be no cheap flights anymore on the normal airline websites. I can normally fly to Gatwick, Luton or Stansted .

It was so easy when Southend was open for Alicante flights, it was small, user friendly and easy to get to without walking for miles to get to the gates (it was like a front room). I often heard people say they had bought a flight for €25-€30. Where have these gone?

Since Covid everything has changed, I know most companies are trying to make up the loss made during that period but, why does it always have to be paid by the consumer? I know there were grants around although a bit slow in functioning.

What we hear now is that business on the holiday side is up, in fact better figures then before, so why can’t the airlines pass some of their benefits on to us, the consumer?

Diane Fellows

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