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May 23

Dear sir,

After recently acquiring Spanish nationality and having fun and games with the civil registry staff to get a birth certificate, I now face a nightmare. I have to change my NIE to a DNI everywhere.

My accountant has told me to do ‘hacienda’ last of all. “Let’s present last year’s tax in your old NIE and then change to your DNI,” was his advice.

Meanwhile I managed to change my details at my bank, no problem, my new identity is registered on my dog’s microchip details, no cost and no hassle. The same with all my insurances, no hassle whatsoever.

I even tootled off to the town hall without an appointment and a nice lady updated my ‘padrón’ details and gave me a new digital certificate within five minutes. I was very impressed.

Then it started to get complicated. I managed to book a phone appointment with the social security as it was impossible to book a physical appointment. I got phoned by a nice gent on the appointed day at the time assigned, on explaining I now have a DNI and an extra surname, he said no problem, phone this number and they will change.

I have been phoning the number for the past 15 days, I just get a message to choose the correct department, this I do but nobody ever answers.

I thought I would try the DGT traffic department and change my car papers and driving licence details. But when I log on with my old digital certificate (can’t use my new one as it has to be the certificate associated with the NIE), I keep getting the message, no appointments available try another day… And yes, there never are any appointments available.

I do recall reading in your newspaper something about a police investigation on people not being able to get appointments for the police… but is the same thing happening with the DGT? I virtually sleep with my finger on the ‘get appointment button’.

Hopefully, I will sort out the social security problem before I get my pension in a few year’s time. But I do feel for those people who have to do things in a hurry.

Meanwhile I will just whip out my ‘certificado de concordancia’ to any authorities who require proof of ID and who still have my old NIE on file.

This certificate proves that the NIE number corresponds to a DNI.

I am anticipating an interesting time attempting to vote in the municipal elections this weekend. As I declared my intention to vote when registered as a foreigner, and since the census closed, I have become a Spaniard.

I asked the town hall office what to do, and they said vote with your NIE. Which I cannot do as it was taken off me by the police when they gave me my DNI. Also as a Spaniard I should be allowed to vote in the regional elections, but as I am on the census as a foreigner that is not going to happen.

Alexandra Blair

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