Nightmare flight from Scotland

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May 29

Dear editor,
I was travelling back from Scotland after losing my mum, it was a Wednesday night flight, it had been delayed for 90 minutes. Once we settled into the flight there were two groups of men, I won’t say boys but men who were playing up, throwing shoes around the cabin, one actually smoked in front of everyone.

It was frightening for the rest of the passengers with most of us looking on the ground trying not to make eye contact. I don’t blame the cabin crew, after all they don’t get paid enough to deal with these sort of situations. When we finally arrived at Alicante airport, the police were there ready to escort them off the plane.

I believe there is a rule that if passengers seem drunk they are not allowed to board but couldn’t there be security at each boarding gate, so if there seems to be drink involved and they are not fit to fly they can be escorted back through the airport and out to go home and sober up.

Honestly, once again I stress it was frightening, and I will never fly again with that particular airline even though I believe it is a bigger problem.

Kind regards
Sarah Fuller

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