Spain to declare State of Alarm

Pedro Sánchez's public address from Moncloa today (Friday). Photo EFE

PM Pedro Sánchez has just announced that the Cabinet will declare the State of Alarm in the whole of Spain over the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis tomorrow (Saturday March 14).
The State of Alarm gives the government powers to limit the movement of people and vehicles at certain times and locations; apply temporary confiscation of any assets and impose obligatory personal services to the state; temporarily take over control of industries, buildings, other units with the execmption exemption of private homes; limit or ration the use of services and first-need items; impose orders to guarantee supplies of foodstuff and the operation of vital services.
Failure to comply with the authorities can result in penalties.
It is the less serious of three special states central government can declare by Royal Decree according to the Spanish Consitution. The other two, in this order, are the State of Exception and the State of Seige. The State of Alarm cannot exceed 15 days.
As reported before by Costa Blanca News, the best advice at this time is ‘Stay at Home’.

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