‘Serial killer’ identified


Police have identified a ‘serial killer’ who was operating in the Torrevieja and Elche area two years ago.

A joint investigation by the National Police and Guardia Civil found that the man had strangled a woman in La Hoya, Elche while she was walking her dog; stabbed a farmer to death in Los Montesinos; and knifed a woman in Torrevieja, who survived the attack.

Government sub-delegate in Alicante, Araceli Poblador and the provincial heads of both forces are due to give a press conference today (Friday) at 11.00, in which they will ‘offer details of the investigation.

However, state news agency EFE has already released a report, stating that the suspect is a Russian man, aged 26, who allegedly ‘chose his victims by chance’.

After the crime in La Hoya he allegedly returned to Russia, where he was arrested for killing another victim and was confined to a psychiatric institution ‘due to his pathologies’.

In July 2022, the Guardia Civil had asked for the public’s help in tracing a man who stabbed a 58-year-old woman at the entrance to her apartment building in Calle San Pascual in Torrevieja.

They noted that it had been an attempted homicide and the suspect had been caught on video cameras fleeing from the scene of the crime (see photo).

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