New PM for Spain

Pedro Sanchez, dpa

Pedro Sánchez, leader of the Socialist PSOE party, has become new Prime Minister of Spain at 11.30 today following a vote of no-confidence against PM Mariano Rajoy that received favourable votes from 180 of the 350 MPs. The vote has been favoured by PSOE, Unidos Podemos and nationalist parties from Cataluña (PdeCat and ERC) and the Basque Country (Bildu and PNV).
As soon as the result of the vote was announced, cheers came from the left-wing benches of PSOE and Unidos Podemos chanting ‘Si se puede’ (Yes it can be done).
In accordance with the legislation, Parliament Speaker Ana Pastor will immediately notify King Felipe VI and an official appointment and swearing-in of the new PM will be organised. By Monday,  Sr Sánchez is expected to move to the official PM’s residence in La Moncloa and he is likely to announce the members of his new government.

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  1. Let’s hope that now this socialist pm is chosen there will be much more consideration for all the ex pats who have chosen to live in Spain.fot too long they are being ostracised and ripped off…… An end to corruption and getting rid of barbaric bullfighting,


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