‘Ibiza-style’ new houses


September 24th

After the long recession, it is good to see a marked upturn in the property market and, along with it, in the construction industry.
However, I am hugely dismayed to note that, almost without exception, all the new houses being built and the old houses being reformed are being done in what is known as the Ibizan style.
That means square white concrete boxes with acres of glass and not an ounce of character between them; no curvaceous walls, no terracotta tiles, no pretty ironwork.
To quote Pete Seeger´s 60´s hit ¨Little boxes made of ticky tacky and they all look just the same´. If planning departments allow this to continue for the foreseeable future it will not be too long before this area looks like most of the rest of the Mediterranean coast from Greece and Turkey to Morocco with no Spanish characteristics whatsoever.
Great shame – but I doubt I´ll be around to see it!

Sue McNae

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