Discover the secrets to a happy life in Spain


SOME of the secrets to happy living in Spain are revealed in a new survey by the British Embassy on how expatriates adjust to a life in the sun.
Integration into the Spanish way of life is the key, the survey reveals. More than half of the British residents who responded say they speak Spanish regularly with friends and neighbours, enjoy Spanish food, use the Spanish healthcare system and employ Spanish tradespeople. The adjective ‘happy’ is the word that they most commonly use to describe their lives in Spain, followed by ‘relaxed’ and ‘content’.

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  1. If you treat the Spanish people as you wish to be treated you will find them very friendly.
    Live by Spains rules and support Spanish restaurants and shops.
    Wonderful, climate and life style!
    Excellent health care.
    You do not need to be a100% Fluent In Spanish but try your hardest to learn enough to communicate when shoping,ordering in restaurants, your bank and at the health centre.
    Lived here for thirteen years now. Happy to stay!

  2. I have found the same, I can’t remember how many times I’ve been told “ if you need me I live at such and such a house” I never had that in the UK.
    I love the life, the food, well everything really. I think the secret is not to fall into the abyss of drinking in excess because alcohol is so cheap, and keeping boredom away. I’ve found those who are bored start complaining, usually over petty stuff, which you wouldn’t notice if you were otherwise engaged. Being respectful of the people and their way of life goes a long way, and accept this is not England with sun, you have to immerse yourself in, to get something out!


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