Cataluña’s one minute of independence

Photos Ángel García

Cataluña was independent for one minute this evening (Tuesday, October 10). Regional president Puigdemont addressed the Catalan Parliament to ‘declare the independence of Cataluña as a republic’ due to the results of Sunday’s  ilegal referendum…and then stated this declaración of independence was ‘suspended’ to start a ‘dialogue process’.

So the ‘independence’ lasted one minute. The statement by Puigdemont means the regional government will now ‘negotiate’ as long as the final decision is independence. A sword of Damocles that will be unacceptable for central government in Madrid.

Meanwhile the anti-establishment party  CUP, which support is vital to uphold the Catalan nationalists government by Junts Pel Si (PdeCat, ERC) left the regional Parliament claiming the declaration in such terms is ‘unacceptable’.

The ball is now in PM Rajoy’s court. The PP government leader has called an urgent cabinet meeting for 9.00 tomorrow (Wednesday).





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