Shooters take aim at plastic spinners, not birds

Alhaurín promotes 'helice shooting' as alternative to live pigeon shoots

Councillor Prudencio Ruiz, centre, and club members showing one of the 'helice' targets

By Oliver McIntyre

ALHAURÍN de la Torre, where animal rights activists protested outside a live pigeon trapshooting championship held in the town in October, now aims to become a top proponent of a non-bird event known as helice shooting.

The event involves the release of a fast-spinning plastic propeller known as a helice, or ZZ, which flies in an erratic and unpredictable way – imitating a bird’s flight – as the shooter attempts to blast it out of the sky, knocking out its detachable centre piece to score a verified hit.

Alhaurín town hall last week held a press conference to help present a recently created local helice shooting club, which already has nearly 50 members and two weekends ago hosted a competition at the town’s private Jarapalo shooting range – the same facility where the controversial live-bird event was held last October.

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