How to learn Spanish on the Costa Blanca


The Costa Blanca, with its exceptional climate, dream beaches and charming towns, is a great attraction for foreigners from all over the world who visit or decide to live in this little paradise. Moving to Spain changes your life and brings with it many new experiences: a new home, a new place, new neighbours, but also a new language and a new culture.

In order to get the most out of your experience in Spain and integrate into the community, it is essential to learn Spanish so that you can feel part of the local community!

 The TLCdénia school is the perfect place to learn Spanish fast

TLCdénia is a leading Spanish language school in Denia, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2024. It is recognised as one of the best schools in Spain to learn Spanish, as it is accredited by the ‘Instituto Cervantes’, is a member of FEDELE (The Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools in Spain), is an examination centre for the official DELE and SIELE Spanish exams and has seals such as SICTED that recognise its Commitment to Quality Tourism. Over the past 40 years, thousands and thousands of students from all over the world have successfully learned Spanish from scratch.

It offers intensive courses throughout the year, designed to help you learn the language quickly, which is of great value to people moving to Spain and others who want to use their holiday to learn the language and enjoy their destination.

In the intensive courses, a student can complete the basic level (A1) in just 4 weeks, learning basic everyday conversation and simple vocabulary needed in everyday life. With a further 6 weeks a student can reach the elementary level (A2), and those who book 12 weeks will reach the beginning of the Intermediate level (B1). This is fast and efficient progress! Students can start any Monday by booking in advance and beginners have a start date every two weeks. This is the best way to learn Spanish without having to spend years and years learning it.

The day-to-day life of a student learning Spanish

Students arrive at school at 9:15, have a coffee and chat with their classmates, classes start at 9:30 and the teacher presents new material or reviews the previous day’s material. At 11:00 there is a break and students relax on the school terrace, chatting and having a drink. Classes resume at 11:15 and continue with more language practice until 12:45. After class, a couple of days a week, the school organises social activities for adults, led by the school’s teachers. These activities include cultural and gastronomic themes or visits around Denia. This is the perfect atmosphere to practise Spanish with the teacher in a more relaxed way and to share experiences with students from other groups.

In addition to the intensive courses for adults throughout the year, the school also offers courses for children from 5 years old and a special programme for teenagers in the summer, so that people of all ages can learn Spanish in our wonderful destination!

Visa approved Spanish courses

TLCdénia’s intensive courses of 20 lessons per week are valid for students who need a student visa to learn Spanish in Spain, for example necessary for British students. You can consult with TLCdénia about the process of obtaining a visa.

How to learn Spanish while you are in Spain

Do you need help with the Spanish language and don’t know where to start? Here are some tips for learning Spanish while you are living in Spain.

Take an intensive Spanish course          

Taking a course is the best way to learn the language in a comfortable and guided way, but if it is an intensive course, you will learn much faster. Intensive courses are more expensive than 1 or 2 days a week courses, but the investment is well worth it as you will learn the language in much less time. In a full year course you can only reach one level, whereas in an intensive course you can reach it in a few weeks.

Practise Spanish outside the classroom with locals

Try to speak Spanish with locals whenever you have the chance. Place your order in Spanish at restaurants, ask questions at the shops, talk to your Spanish neighbours. Any conversation will be a small step towards your goal. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and let yourself go.

Immerse yourself in the local culture   

The best way to learn a language is to live it. Participate in cultural events, attend concerts, visit museums and explore local markets. The more you immerse yourself in Spanish culture, the more opportunities you will have to practise the language naturally.

Take part in activities  

Go on excursions, participate in sports activities, join hiking groups, dance classes, cycling clubs, etc. where you can interact with native speakers doing a hobby you enjoy.

Watch TV and listen to the radio in Spanish      

Turn on the tv or radio in Spanish to familiarise yourself with the language. At first, you will understand very little, but over time, you will begin to understand much more.

Using resources to learn with your mobile phone          

There are many online resources for learning and practising Spanish. Spend time practising with these tools, especially at times when you can’t interact with native speakers. There is also the option of private online classes by video conference with a teacher. Check with TLCdénia if this option sounds interesting.

Be patient and constant             

Learning a language is a long process that takes time and effort, so be patient with yourself and keep a positive attitude. Don’t be afraid to speak and make mistakes, as this is part of the learning process. Spanish people will appreciate your efforts and will be willing to help you improve.

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