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Els Poblets

June 27, 2016

If, as has been suggested in the news, some EU political leaders want to ‘come down hard’ on the UK so as to deter other countries from going along the same route, that may well tell us what has caused so many to want to turn their backs on the EU.
These are the same tactics of intimidation and bullying used by the former Soviet Union.  Are leaders of this kind of mentality really suitable for leading the EU forward?  Are they to learn nothing from the Brexit vote?

Paul Whitfield 

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  1. learn from Brexit, will be, no sugar picking, like join the market to Great Britain, do nothing and pay nothing. open boarders only to members. I think it wll become little Britain, after Scotland will leave GB and stay as member.
    Pablo C.

  2. We dont want sugar picking, we just want our country back. I come to Spain about 4 times a year & if it costs more then so be it, I will still come as I love the country & people.
    It is in no ones interest to set up trade tarrifs especially the EU, the UK buys much more from europe as they buy from the UK.
    If the EU puts up a tarrif on say UK meat by 10% and the UK does the same with say BMW cars guess who makes more money. More over will the british people buy a BMW at 10% extra.
    The only thing for sure is that people like you and me will pay for it.
    And Scotland needs to be independant before it can join the EU but thats another topic.
    One last thought I voted to join the common market not the EU.


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