Tragic weekend on the roads


A TOTAL of 14 people died in 12 accidents around Spain at the weekend, with the worst smash occurring on the A-7 motorway near Murcia.

More in Friday’s Costa Blanca News


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  1. How many Costas people did not manage their Democratic right to vote in these (especially for us) important referendum? We started the process in March this year with plenty of time, but red tape, and a useless electoral local council it ended on the hamster run! After confirming that our Son could do a proxy vote and sent him the official paper to say so he was refused. So much for democracy.
    Question is what is the difference to being a UK Citizen or a Spanish resident now? at least I manage to vote in Spain!

  2. Unfortunately, I have a holiday home in Spain that I am willing to walk away from because I live in England. We have all seen the reaction by ex pats in Spain on English TV, but to be honest I have no sympathy. You made your bed.
    If you actually saw what has happened in the last 5 years to this ‘Great Britain’ and how we are flooded with unskilled, non English speaking, benefit seekers, that your country of residence and the rest of the EU are dumping on Britain, it would break your heart. We have more than anyone’s fair share of Commonwealth migrants draining resource. You left because you saw it coming so don’t tell me or my family, some serving to defend this rubbish, that you left for the greater good.


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