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May 12, 2016

I would like to warn your readers about the dubious way of working of some car rental agencies.
I would like to tell them never to rent a car in an agency that has no office in an airport, and never pay in advance.
I recently rented a car on internet for Alicante airport with Axxx. I remembered they had an office in the airport. The rent was cheap, about 69 euros, for five days, all-in insurance included.
I had to collect the car with Fxxx on arrival.
When I went to the office they told me they did not know the company and did not accept the amount of money I paid. I had to pay as a new customer.
I made a complaint by Cxxx, which seems to be the new Axxx, although Axxx still operates under their name.
After a month without any answer I got someone on the phone who said that I would not be refunded. If I had read the small parts in the contract I should have seen it.
I know other people have also been cheated in the same way.
If I had been to a regular company and not paid in advance, I would have had the service I paid for.
So never pay in advance when car renting.


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