No rubbish tax charge in Jávea next year


Nobody in Jávea will have to pay rubbish collection tax all next year, the local nursery school is now free of charge – and businesses setting up in the Marina Alta coastal town will not have to pay an opening licence fee if they begin trading next year.

The cuts to local rates announced this week have been introduced ‘in light of rising living costs, energy bills and uncertainty’ caused by ‘global crises’.

Free rubbish collection will apply for all 27,669 residents registered as living in Jávea, as well as all companies with premises in the town.

At present, waste disposal tax is €125 per household, whilst for the 1,800 or so business
premises in Jávea, the fee is based upon property size in square metres.

In total, this will mean residents and traders save a total of €4 million in 2023.

For parents with children at the councilrun nursery, their monthly fees per child of €165 will not be charged next year, meaning a saving of around €1,000 over the school year.

Along with opening licences free of charge for new business premises, these reductions will take effect automatically, meaning nobody has to apply for rebates or fill in forms.

Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News

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