Climate change


October 1

I have recently been reading a lot about climate change and those ‘little everyday things’ we’re supposed to do to help delay the inevitable destruction of our planet in now so many decade.
The item of plastic proliferation has caught my eye as the use of plastic here in Spain is still quite prolific. I understand it is virtually impossible to remove all plastic from our lives and some items – water bottles for example – have to be carried this way. I believe replacing them with glass could have over serious counter effects for the environment, especially in its production process.
Plastic cups and bags however are something I believe Spain could do more about.
Plastic cups at water and beverage machines are still very common and people will continue to use them just because they are at hand. I also know that companies where these machines are placed (to the providers) prefer or just order plastic out of habit. So just as we’ve done with tobacco, why don’t we make companies pay extra for plastic cups while on the other hand reward those who demand paper cups and paper bags?
I believe Primark has already taken this step voluntarily, but I still see plenty of plastic bags at Mercadonas, Carrefours and Aldis. Sometimes you are asked ‘plastic or paper bag?’ – why give the option? Just give out paper ones.
Maybe this will do just a little bit more for the environment and hopeful we can delay climate mayhem a few decades.

Thanks for your time
M Cook


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