Why I voted for out


May 14, 2018

Dear Sirs
I have been reading the letters on Brexit over the past months with interest. Many are from Remoaners and, as someone who lives in both the UK and Spain I would like to say why I voted for out.
Firstly the waste by the EU on projects that Brussels sees as important, but the host countries don’t (and Spain has a few of these).
Many needless regulations. For years, the EU accounts have not been verified.
Then there is the excesses of the salaries, expenses and pensions of the bureaucrats, plus the fact that in the future, growth will be with countries outside the EU and we need to have trade agreements.
Perhaps it is telling that in the Custom Union controversy, Canada had said that it would never have a customs union with the USA, their largest trading partner, as it would hamper their trade with the rest of the world.

Roger Gregory

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