Warning to all motorists


Orihuela Costa
October 5

Dear Editor,
I want to report a very disturbing incident that occurred on the evening of October 4, 2018 on the N332 returning to Orihuela Costa from Alicante Airport.
At 21.15 at night as I was passing the salt lakes at Santa Pola, a car was parked by the old tower without any headlights on. As I passed, he pulled out and sat very close to my bumper, only using his headlights to flash me, which he did constantly. He only used his headlights to flash me, all the rest of the time his car was in darkness, and I was unable to determine the make of car or his registration number.
On the single lane part of the road, he continuously tried to overtake me on the wrong side of the road, ie on the curb side rather than the overtaking lane. I must admit I have heard of the means used by the local highway robbers and the behaviour of this driver was exactly the same as that recorded previously in the local press.
Each time he tried to get in front of me, I admit that I put my foot down to prevent him getting in front of me and cutting me up, or forcing me to stop.
I had determined to go to the police at Guardamar, but when we reached the lit section of the road, on the outskirts of Guardamar, he returned the way he had come at the first available roundabout. I am sure to look for another more willing victim.
Please advise all readers to be aware that highway robbers are now operating in our area and to it would be advisable for car hire companies to make people aware of this and to never stop or get out of their cars when flashed.
I am not a nervous driver, I regularly drive at night and this is the first time this has ever happened to me. However, as a consequence of the incident I have now put the emergency number 112 on speed dial on my phone and in a similar situation I would use my phone to contact the police, even when driving.
Earlier today, I spoke to a retired police officer and I was advised to report this incident, and I have placed a post on the N332 Facebook page, the police website aimed at the expat driving community.
I feel strongly that people must be aware of what to do if faced with a similar situation. Basically, never stop, report incident to the police and do not let the driver get in front of you or cut you up. If they do manage to get in front of you, lock all doors and windows and call the police immediately.

Jan Holden

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