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March 25

Hi there,

I used to be the U3A Val del pop newsletter editor, and I thought I’d write in and let you about some very nasty scams going round. I have sent this information round, but it may be useful for your readers.

Most people are pretty savvy by now, but some will be hooked.The situation in Ukraine has brought out a lot of kind hearts BUT…

1. People are getting emails from ‘friends’ (name, email address, etc. all look genuine) saying they’d like to help the Ukraine crisis, but are a bit strapped for cash, could you help? Giving links to payment sites. All a scam

2. Emails from genuine sounding banks, charities, etc. all asking for donations. They ‘accept’ any currency, Bitcoin or other cyber currency. Phishing.

3. Emails, purportedly from Paypal, thanking you for your payment. following this up to query it will lead to yet another phishing site.

It may be worth a few lines?

Thank you

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