UK residents in Spain voting rights – How to use them

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Nov 22

Did you know that on Friday November 11, 2022 there was a very important meeting held in Quesada cultural centre!

No, well there’s a surprise, neither did we until on Thursday evening when Matt Smith from Oneway Services informed us!

Approximately 30 people attended and how many thousand people live in Rojales and Quesada and surrounding areas!

First major point – If you wish to vote, UK residents must register their intent to vote at the town hall in Quesada or Rojales from December 1, 2022 up to January 15, 2023. Take with you your TIE card and up to date padrón. Elections will take place in May.

We did express that information of this importance does not get published and we were informed from the powers that be newspapers only print what they want – surely that is not true…hopefully you will prove this information totally incorrect!

Why not get this information to the local English radio stations and put posters up in bars, offices, banks, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

Make the residents aware of what is going on and we will do the rest attending events and voting obviously!

Maybe even having a weekly or monthly meeting with newspapers to actually show what is going on! You want to have a voice in what is going on then vote, vote.

Thank you and hopefully this will be published.

Bernie Newnes

Dear Mr Newnes,
Thank you for getting in touch. We would have certainly covered this meeting but we did not receive any information about it from the town hall or provincial government who organised it, despite being on both their mailing lists for press releases. Nor was it publicised on the main Facebook page of the town hall.
A similar meeting in Orihuela Costa was publicised in advance but too late to include in Costa Blanca News so an article advertising it appeared in last week’s Weekly Post.
It is not true that newspapers only publish what they want, we can only publish news that we receive from reliable sources, and in this case these sources chose not to let us know.
Nor have they sent us a summary of the information that was explained at the meeting.
You will find more about this topic on page 5.
Kind regards,
Alex Watkins
Costa Blanca News

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  1. It seems to me that for some unknown reason the powers that be don,t want us Brits to cast our votes. If this is true then this is disgusting as is the small time frame to register, considering that most of us will have to obtain a new updated Padron.


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