TLC for Orihuela Costa


September 7

How brilliant is it to see a bit of TLC (work) being done around Playa Flamenca, the Council actually spending money on the Costa and especially around Playa Flamenca and La Zenia. That horrible rusty fencing across the Ravine just before the Boulevard has been painted. Wow, thank you, thank you – we have waited so long for something to be done.
Walking past today with friends and neighbours, we were overjoyed and then we saw all advertising flyers again. They stopped putting them on the railings and under car screen wipers some time ago but they could not wait to ruin the look of our nicely clean painted railings.
This company needs an invoice sent to their business for the litter it is producing and the mess it is creating in the area we live in and the cost that comes from our taxes to clean up her mess! Although, looking at all the litter under the railings nothing ever gets picked up – the Town Council cannot make the excuse of “The ravine is the responsibility of the water company”. They could easily clean it up if they wanted to. A long arm could easily pick up all that rubbish before it is washed into the ravine, onto the beaches, and into our sea.
This area is full of litter and the Council do not do their job. They should heavily fine the market traders and shops for using plastic bags and heavily fine businesses for posting flyers and stickers everywhere because they are making this area a slum. Why is this ‘free’ advertising allowed to rubbish our area anyway? The money generated from fines could pay for extra litterbins, it makes common sense; oh I forgot Orihuela City Council don’t have any and don’t care about the Costa.

Sandie Bates

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