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November 12

I write to suggest a solution to the shocking knife, drugs and gun crime throughout Great Britain.
I do hope you give my suggestion consideration. It has been on my mind for a several years, then last night I saw the images of all those young people killed, wiped out by thugs. This has to stop, NOW!
I live in Spain where we have three levels of Police presence. Local Police. National Police and the military police known as the Guardia Civil.
The Guardia Civil, military trained are deployed as traffic cops. In my opinion, the best.
All police carry firearms, frightening at first but you soon learn how to conduct yourself in Spain, you certainly would think twice when faced with these highly trained guys and not break the law.
I suggest the British Government employ ex-military personnel to act as a security force to combat the drugs, knife and gun criminals across Great Britain.
The taxpayers of UK paid for their training to serve and protect us, why not employ them? Thus saving money on training and they will have a future on discharge from the forces.
They would not have to face an uncertain future worrying what will become of them and need to find employment to provide for their families.
We hear so many become homeless, commit suicide or suffer from traumatic disorders.
This week we celebrate Armistice Day, 100 year Anniversary of the end of the WW1, the Great War to end all Wars?
Why not make this THE year we really show our appreciation to our Armed Forces, offer our military personnel, everyone in the Armed Forces a future after their term serving Queen and countrymen, us!
I truly believe the children of today feel let down, are very angry, feeling they have no future prospects due to the lack of a good educational system, youth training and after school youth activities.
The UK educational system is very low in the world ratings, not good for our future generations is it! They are the product of three generations of a soft approach by the past and present governments.
Their parents and, in a lot of cases, grandparents, have not had jobs, lived off the state, think that the world owes them, are not prepared to work to provide for their families, expecting benefits as their given right. Is that fair? NO!
Yet, the young people who made the choice and were selected to serve in the Armed Forces are special, and should be respected as such.
As one Chelsea Pensioner said recently during a visit to the RBL Orihuela Costa Branch, “the Armed Forces are very selective who they choose to join. You need to know you can trust your colleagues in times of conflict, to save each other’s lives, not have a gun / knife totting youngster who does not know the first thing about discipline and respect”. This hit home to me, I only asked him if the world would be a better place if the National Service of 2 years was returned to instil respect and discipline in the youth of today.
Give the retiring Armed Forces the job of supporting the generations of our future. They usually retire in their 50s having served 20/ 30 years or more. I’m sure we would all benefit and save a lot of young lives and give our children and grandchildren the future they deserve.
I’m sure you know already, but in my opinion the Gurkha Regiment, would be ideal in the worst problematic areas. These fantastic highly trained people can and would deal with the drug dealers, knife and gun crime and be happy to do so, you know you have Joanna Lumley as their Ambassador, just talk to her, she would get behind this campaign I am sure.
I have worked closely with the British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris for years and the former Consul Paul Rodwell, who was the President of the Royal British Legion Alicante Spain, of which I am a Member.
Ambassadors, Giles Paxman and Simon Manley, all have supported my voluntary projects here in Orihuela Costa where we have more British expats in one area on this planet outside the UK; many are members of the Royal British Legion Orihuela Costa Branch, one of the reasons why I work closely with the British Government officials in Spain.
I was awarded the Pride of Spain Lifetime Achievement award last year for developing a charity 8 years ago, called Help At Home Costa Blanca and two Associations, Platform Users Medical Area 22 campaigning for qualified Doctors in the Valencian Community and recently, Community Care Association Orihuela Costa, creating a Drop In Centre for social activities for all nationalities and ages to enjoy having fun in the sun.
I have dedicated my retirement to helping others. I am paid by the British Government a state pension. I believe whilst I am able, to offer my time as a volunteer to earn my keep so to speak, bearing in mind I had a mini stroke earlier this year, but I carry on regardless, like many other volunteers donating their time assisting others in the volunteer charity sector in the largest community of British subjects living in Spain, Orihuela Costa.
I am also the Press Officer / Member of C.L.A.R.O a political party for the residents living in Orihuela Costa, campaigning for their future, including ex-pat residents wanting to remain in Spain after Brexit.
I do not intend to sing my own praises, I am merely indicating how one can use one’s initiative, common sense and compassion to others, not allow our young people to die so young, not having been shown the way by their elders to respect each other, which used to start in the home and continue in schools and be expected as their human right – a right to live!
I know I speak for millions of parents and grandparents, who have lost a child or close relative in such circumstances.
Please give our Armed Forces a chance of continuing their chosen career, to protect and serve their county, Queen, men, women and children of Great Britain.
I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely
Norah Bond
President – Community Care Association

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