Spare room at Ecuadorian Embassy

June 18
Dear Sir,
I have been thinking that it might be nice to visit London, one more time, before the UK leaves Europe.
There is, I believe, a spare room in the Ecuadoran Embassy. I am also reassured by an old Aussie friend, Dorian Massage, that Ecuadorian food is really good, much better than the meals provided in his current residence.
The room is free, but one is expected to provide one’s own bodyguard.
Regrettably, I do need a bodyguard ever since Costa Blanca News published my premature prediction in April that the UK Mainland had disappeared.
To my great surprise, many of your readers, especially the Irish, liked the idea of the UK Mainland being moved to the Caribbean.
The news that Boris will take over shortly as Prime Minister is very exciting indeed. I am a bit concerned, however, that he might be a bit old for the job. I do fondly remember him playing in many horror movies, back in the fifties. Boris was the best Frankenstein ever, as I am sure he will be again when he takes over at Number 10.
He will take no nonsense from anyone, especially the Irish. Having being stabbed in the back three years ago, by an English ‘cove’ called Mick, he will get rid of the Irish Backstab once and for all.
One RAF bomber squadron flying up the Liffey shattering windows with their sonic booms, should sorts things out.
However, the RAF should keep well away from the Irish Air Corps Base at Baldonnel. Known as Ireland´s Area 51, flying saucer activity has been reported from there for years…
Dorcha Lee


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