The death of humour


March 11

Dear Ed,
At 78, I have lived through an age when we Brits could find humour in all aspects of our lives, especially in situations involving our own misgivings/misfortunes. Now, Political Correctness has all but destroyed those precious characteristics. But old habits die hard and my active sense of humour still generates bad thoughts, which, if expressed aloud, would bring me into conflict with the law.
Paradoxically, as an upright, law-abiding citizen, I am disgusted with those same thoughts and feel they need to be reported. Problem is, since there are no witnesses to the thoughts, I have no option but to report them myself. The question is, to whom and in what form, a complaint should be made, i.e. verbal or written.
Perhaps your readers may have some advice on this matter.

Best regards,
Chris Renshaw

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