Pet register set up in Alfaz


Starting on Monday (January 16), residents on the town’s municipal census (padrón) will be legally obliged to register their pets.

The measure is designed to ‘protect animals, fight abandonment, and remind people of their civic duties in the streets’, noted health and animals councillor, Marisa Cortés.

To this end, the council has launched the ‘Jo També sóc de l’Alfàs’ campaign, meaning ‘I am also from Alfaz’ – aimed at owners of dogs, cats, ferrets and other animals in a drive to promote responsible pet ownership.

“The register is obligatory by law and the town hall has to have an updated census of all pets,” she stated.

Microchipped animals have a 90% chance of being reunited with their owners if lost, against just 15% if un-chipped, she noted.

The procedure to register is very simple and the application can be downloaded from the website ( or can also be collected in person at the town hall.

Next owners need to make an appointment by calling 96 588 73 28 ext 3367 which is available Monday to Friday from 08.00 until 14.00 and additionally from 16.00 to 20.00
on Wednesdays.

Full report in today’s Costa Blanca News

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