Standards of justice


March 11, 2016

Dear Sirs
Spain has one standard of justice for crimes against people and another standard for crimes against the state. For example, a judge recently sentenced a drunk driver hooligan who lost control of his car on a roundabout to a fine of a few thousand euros and a six-month driving suspension. That driver could easily have killed or wounded a mother and child; he could have ruined a family for life.
It is reported, however, that to make an error or be late filing the latest Hacienda form 730 that the fine is 5,000 euros per mistake, with a minimum 10,000 euros.
The fines for renting your property out without being registered are even more draconian, supposedly 75,000 euros.
It’s obvious that, in Spain, a crime against the state is considered to be far more serious than violence which hurts or ruins civilians’ lives.

Yours faithfully
Anthony Wolseley Wilmsen

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