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August 18

Dear Editor,

I refer to my letter published last week and your response.

To be honest I didn’t find your comments very helpful. I do accept though more people need to vote although I’m not sure many home owners know if they are entitled to, or how to register to, vote and what benefits that brings to the area.

But whilst there is obviously some apathy and acceptance by visiting homeowners regarding the lack of funding the media voice is so important and I would like to see your newspaper and others highlighting more frequently the issues and problems experienced on the Orihuela Costa by the disproportionate allocation of funds.

You should be bringing our representatives to book, and not just leave this to for instance the AVOCA and other groups.

For instance are you aware of the United Agenda drafted by multiple associations to the mayor of Orihuela?

This was sent to the mayor on August 4 and has I understand still had no acknowledgment.

It contained more than 40 critical and urgent requests which they proposed to discuss at a meeting in order to resolve the problems regarding the basic services provided by the Town Hall in Orihuela Costa.

I believe the full text can be viewed on the AVCRL Clean Up Crew Facebook Page,

Simon White

Hi Simon, thanks for taking the time to respond and flag up those issues.
In our defence I would say that we have been highlighting problems and deficiencies in Orihuela Costa on a regular basis since the south edition of the paper was launched in 2007. I promise you that we will continue to do that.
Also, we are aware of the requests sent to the mayor and that no response has yet been received.
On the issue of voting, if anyone has any queries on how to register to vote then I am sure that AVOCA representatives and other residents’ groups would be only too pleased to assist them. Many local groups and political parties launch campaigns about registering to vote in the local elections, which we report on. The next municipal elections are in 2023 and we will run pieces explaining how people can register to vote.
Don’t forget Simon that the ballot box is perhaps the most important means for effecting change in a democracy.
Dave Jones

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