St Peter’s clocks and Trump


March 3, 2016

A virtuous man dies and goes straight to Heaven. He´s amazed to see so many clocks there and asks St.Peter the reason. St. Peter says that each clock indicates the exact number of lies that each person told while on Earth.
“Whose clock is that one?” asks the newcomer. “That´s Mother Teresa of Calcutta´s clock. The hands never moved” answered St. Peter. “And whose is that one?” inquired the recent arrival. “That´s Abraham Lincoln´s. The hands moved only twice, indicating that “Honest Abe” lied only twice during his entire lifetime on Earth.” answered St. Peter.
“And where is Donald Trump´s?”
“Trump´s clock is in Jesus´s Office. He uses it as a fan”, answered St. Peter.

Richard M. McBride

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