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February 29, 2016

Classic indicators of the end-days of once mighty empires are constant war, disintegration of its monetary system, unregulated free-for-alls by corrupt, secretive, authoritarian governments, where the powerful grab all they can, leaving the taxpayer (who finances the collapse) with no voice.
Think of these governments as beautiful flower-heads, beginning life small in size, supported by industry in the form of a strong healthy stem, which passes on the nourishment generated by the powerhouse of its root system (the healthy workforce) being the largest of the whole and the power-house the plant depends upon for its sustenance.
Should the flower become so large due to corruption and ‘jobs for the boys’ that the stem of industry becomes unable to support it, the end comes when the wilting flower (refusing to regulate its size or flamboyant lifestyle) bleeds its root dry. The stem snaps under the weight and the flower topples.
This describes the state of the western world, particularly the European Parliament. An enormous, flamboyant bloom, unable to produce anything for itself, bleeding dry the root it depends on and on the point of total collapse. Brexit would topple it because others would follow.
The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is a ‘not to be missed’ once in a lifetime opportunity to bring down this arrogant and inefficient institution that intends on survival with no regard for the wishes of those to whom it dictates. The time has come for the root to sprout a new stem and for those in fear of the unknown to grow a backbone. It is ludicrous to suggest that rights to pensions, healthcare, green card motor insurance etc. will be lost. As unlikely as Angela Merkel invading Poland or pensioners carted away like Jews in a cattle truck. None of these things will happen because changes would have to be reciprocal, meaning EU immigrants into the UK would have to suffer the same fate. Most rights already in existence would have to remain the same.
Brexit will be no walk in the park due to the magnitude of unrepayable debt the UK has accumulated, resulting from ceaseless warfare, saddling the taxpayer with £850 Billion in banker’s gambling debts, the deliberate running down and selling off of national institutions, and the fruits of its ‘Special Relationship’ with the USA. Aka: the mob’s £167 Billion protection racket (to protect us from menaces of our own making) in the form of nuclear defence capability the UK can neither maintain itself, nor operate without USA’s approval, all at taxpayer’s expense.
On Feb 1, 2015 the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said “there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties” and it gets worse, because the European Union is secretly in the process of negotiating deals with United States, whereby multinational corporations will be given carte-blanche to run wild in Europe marketing their goods and services that need not meet EU standards. Their loss of business due to public protests or virtually any other reason at all, will be compensated (by you) following rulings in secret courts convened by the companies themselves. The EU or your own government will have no representation at all and neither will you. No significant detail of this deal is allowed to be recorded. See how even your own political representatives are being obstructed from accessing the small print by being escorted under U.S. guard and are not allowed to write notes. Warning: This is no conspiracy theory. If you doubt this, Google: “What is TTIP?”
Due to the collapse of the U.S. Petro-Dollar the USA has a vested interest in the EU and needs to control Europe in order to exclude European trade with Russia, China, India or Brazil. Its predominant interest is warfare of one sort or another (economic, monetary or bare-faced bish, bash, bosh), because that’s how its largest producer (being a war machine) makes its money. Obviously a single autocratic European Union is much easier to control than a multitude of autonomous regions demanding answers.
Those worried about savings and investments will find there is little hint of the collapse of a high street bank until the doors don’t open and your cash-point closes. This results in long queues of hapless investors hoping to withdraw their cash. Well, you’ll be in luck because the EU is abolishing cash in favour of a ‘cashless society’. Check it out. The €500 is being withdrawn because there’s too many under the mattress that EU bankers are unable to get their thieving little bread-hooks into. Your savings will attract interest at a negative rate (you’ll owe them money for saving) and you’ll be unable to withdraw cash. In the UK, the ‘Old Lady of Thread Needle Street’ is at the forefront of this underhandedness and guess where she’s planning on sticking her pin. In anticipation of confounding those with the vision to invest their cash in gold or silver (transactions likely to be banned in a cashless society) or stash their banknotes at home, the EU has plans in place to make the use of cash taxable, and to finance the next bank bail-out with a one-off property tax, whereby property owners will restore bank losses with a percentage of the value of their property. Try paying that out of your pension.
An interesting anecdote might be that should Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales become independent there will be no UK. Only that unmentionable founder of Common Law will remain, and corporations are unable to deal with him, which is why he’s never mentioned (not even on your passport).
As in Cyprus in 2013, EU banking representatives have the power to lock out your elected Prime Minister and unilaterally bail out a member’s banks with a percentage of its customer’s savings. A cashless society gives banks complete control of your finances. So they can just deduct the required amount from bank credits clients have accumulated and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
With stealth, secrecy and unaccountability, the EU exists solely for the purpose of hanging on to power and control at any cost. Europhile and alleged paedophile, Sir Edward Heath, knew perfectly well the Common Market was much more than a trade deal with Europe. He knew that the nation’s sovereignty would eventually be up for grabs. Those who say Brexit is a matter of misplaced national pride are mistaken. The departure of the UK from the EU is imperative if your children and grandchildren are to have any say about the contents of their food, their health service, children’s education, their government or any aspect in the daily running of their lives. Otherwise you’re selling them out totally to the likes of Amazon, Google, Vodafone, Starbucks and the European Union. Whatever your decision is on Brexit, the party’s over folks !

Kindest regards H/S.
Harry Southgate

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